Growing Innovation Culture In India and Indian University

This is fact that “growth takes time” and it is happening across the globe. It is also true that sustainable growth takes longer time because it combine the all class of people. But countries which is living in innovative society which grows faster and live longer period. There are many such example are available but today we are talking about fastest developing countries “India”. How india as well as Indian people are slowly adopting the innovation culture. We can say that India is growing in all aspects but in slow.

There are many thousands of people who are looking to take risk in innovation and make society better and progressive place. Is India and Indian society moving right direction or just a hidden truth which no one wants to face that so here lets see some latest development in india in the prospective of innovation culture in India. So we look on two things that is:-

  • Involvement of Government
  • Involvement of Indian University

Indian Government involvement in Innovation

There are lot of things changing and to make change in society by the help of government. Government also want to engage more and more educational as well as progressive society to take participation in innovation. Government trying to encourage the youth so that they can take more risk and do some different work which is currently running in my society. In last five to six year, government has take many such initiative which attract more students toward the innovation. Some of things are good and it will help in engaging students toward the innovation. May be it not known for you so here we are highlighting the work which is done by government in innovation to nurture it which helping society to create a culture toward the innovation.

  • Government giving tax benefits and other benefits for innovation companies.
  • Government all ready increase the Mtech and PHD stipend
  • There are more seats coming in various IIT and NIT for PHD
  • Encouraging students to study science at school label
  • There are more research oriented activities introduced in IIT and other technical institution

Indian University Involvement in Innovation

There are many private and government funded universality also taking steps in innovation. Before writing this article, there are lot of things we have researched and some of things we found very interesting and that will change the society in coming few years. There are lot of big university like VTU, Anna University, JNTU and other conducting the innovation exercise so that people first understand the how innovation can make better society as well as world leader. When we have got interaction from some of these young engineers cum innovators and they have some wonder full ideas but we can’t able to embade all these ideas but we are going to share some great ideas which is very wonder full as good for all society so lest take some ideas and understand how these young innovators¬† are wants to change the things.

Innovation in Publishing Exam Results :- This ideas has strike on my mind and it will definitely has better future if it will be become live and working in proper way. So according the students ideas they are thinking to automate the process of university label of examination to till publishing or results. All these students are studying in VTU university situated in belgavi in karnataka. They said that we all students as well as teacher faced lot of problem in checking exam sheet and to publishing vtu results. Teacher work many days to check copy and after checking results university take 10 to 15 days to publish that vtu semester results so they are trying to reduce the time so that university can extend the semester time for studying of students.

All these students are making new cheap devices which is cost effective as well as useful for all students across the world. They are seeking some help like good mentor, fund or government innovation scholarship which soon coming in all university.

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